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New kit and CU pack —- and……. a free gift for you all!! :)

Hi everyone!!
Sorry for the delay in drawing the winner for the collab kit, I’ve been quite sick for the past few weeks and was really tired to do much blogging :)

Here are the new stuffs for this week:

And here is the collab kit with Ashalee Wall:

And here is the winner for the kit:

Congrats Yanina!! Please email me at vera(dot)lim(at)veralimdesigns(dot)com for your coupon code :)

And…. here’s the promised gift for you :) , it’s only available for a week, so spread the word! :)

Here are some inspirations using the two kits:

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. maria Said,

    Thank you Vera, gorgeous kit as always :)

  2. Jo Said,

    Thank you so much for the lovely gift Vera :)

  3. Gret Said,

    Thanks so much for the lovely gift, Vera!

  4. Lisa B. Said,

    Thanks for the beautiful kit Vera.

  5. Bonnie Said,

    Thanks so much for the gift, very cute!

  6. Kirsten Said,

    Thank you so much!

  7. laramie Said,

    Vera, Your new kit is lovely and your freebie is beautiful. I bet it will be a popular download. Always love to stop by and see what you’ve created.


  8. Chrystina/Lilaclady Said,

    thanks Sweetie!! :)

  9. Dawn Said,

    What a lovely kit – thank you for the beautiful mini and I hope you are fully well now! Best wishes

  10. Amandac Said,

    Thanks so much Vera!

  11. Cate aka absolutartist1 Said,

    Thank you! :)

  12. ellezee Said,

    Thank You!1 It’s lovely!!

  13. Lisa Said,

    Beautiful! thank you!

  14. mapleRose Said,

    GORGEOUS – love that paper, and i”m crazy about paper and fabric flowers these days. Thanks.

  15. Suzanne Said,

    It’s so beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much!

  16. Monica Said,

    Sooo Beautiful!! Thanks Vera :D

  17. fl_connie Said,

    Thanks so much for the lovely freebie – and I am so glad you are feeling better!

  18. Vrtule Said,

    Thank you for your wonderful freebie!

  19. Celly Said,

    So lovely, thanks so much !

  20. yanina Said,

    Love your freebie, thank you. I sent you an email yesterday. I am so happy for winning your kit.

  21. babeline Said,

    Thanks for this so sweet freebie !

  22. nela Said,

    Thank you very much for your lovely freebie

  23. Bobbie (aka claysmom Said,

    Thank you for the freebie and the kit is beautiful!!

  24. cheryl Said,

    wow! gorgeous kit!!! and thanks for the freebie! i love it –and all your designs! =)

  25. chupi Said,

    wow, thank you for this gorgeous freebie!!

  26. Anon Said,

    How beautiful! Thanks so much

  27. cristian vega Said,

    thanks is gorgeous

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