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Using bingo cards as a creative platform

Bingo and Scrapbooking
Using bingo cards as a creative platform

Bingo – a humble game of numbers with a rich and expansive history, dating back to its earliest days in the 16th century as an Italian lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia (which is still played in a fair number of game rooms every Saturday in Italy). The game was then introduced to France in the late 18th century, where it was called Le Lotto, a leisurely amusement played amongst aristocratic Frenchmen. In the early 19th century, Germans had their own educational version of the game to help students learn arithmetic, spelling, and history. When the game eventually reached North American shores in 1929, it was initially known as “beano”. This was a humble country fair and traveling carnival game with certain similarities to modern-day bingo: a dealer would select numbered discs from a cigar box and players would mark their cards with beans, yelling “beano” if they won. After hearing a player accidentally yell “bingo” instead of “beano”, crafty New York toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe renamed and popularizes the game into what it’s known today.

The rustic simplicity and cross-pollination inherent in bingo’s history can still be seen in the 21st century. Enterprising folks have replaced the numbers in bingo cards and replaced them with words and images from a wide range of topics, including superheroes, restaurants, airport sightings, and fashion, just to name a few. Bingo has also entered the world of scrapbooking – multiple examples abound over at ranging from a bingo-styled mixed media background to paper collections that include bingo cards as one of the design elements. Craft-focused e-commerce website Etsy is virtually a treasure trove of bingo-themed designs for all sorts of scrapbooking ideas. Etsy’s close ties to social bookmarking site Pinterest allows the entire Etsy community to showcase their items in a more convenient and accessible manner. Indeed, the ubiquity of social media has also benefited online bingo websites; the FoxyBingo Twitter account easily provides updates on its latest promotions, bonuses and relevant events. The presence of online bingo websites on social media outlets can only help with brand recognition and developing immediate relationships with customers.

Clearly, the resurgence of bingo cards as craft items (along with the growing popularity of online bingo) reflects the enduring spirit of bingo throughout several decades and generations.

Winners for the raffle!!

Hi Everyone!! :)
Here are the winners for the raffle!! Congrats ladies!! :)

And here are the new stuffs:

Some inspirations :)

Thanks for looking everyone!! :)

Winners for blog giveaway!!!

Hi everyone!!
It’s been a while since I posted, with the school holiday and Easter breaks in between, I hadn’t been able to work much.
But I’m back now with the winners for the blog giveaway :)

Congrats! You’ve won a $25 coupon to VLD store :)

Congrats! You’ve won $10 coupon to VLD:

Please email me at vera(dot)lim(at)veralimdesigns(dot)com for your coupon codes.

Thanks for playing everyone!! :)

VLD’s 5th anniversary celebrations!!!

My poor blog!! I have neglected this blog for too long… As I told you before, I haven’t been well for the past few months.. and I feel tired most of the time.. well… here is the reason why :

Yes :) I’m expecting our 3rd child… I’m 14 weeks pregnant now, the first 10 weeks was really awful, I was sick most of the time.. but now I feel much better though still get tired easily..

And now.. the big news, VLD is having the 5th anniversary celebrations!!! It has been that long! 5 years, wow! Thank you so much for your continued supports all these years, I can achieve this because of you my wonderful customers!! So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :)

And here are the stuffs for the anniv celebrations:

And a free gift for you all :)

And here’s the BEST part!! Leave a comment here for a chance to win a $25 and a $10 coupons to my store. I’ll come back with 2 random winners. Good luck! :)

New kit and CU pack —- and……. a free gift for you all!! :)

Hi everyone!!
Sorry for the delay in drawing the winner for the collab kit, I’ve been quite sick for the past few weeks and was really tired to do much blogging :)

Here are the new stuffs for this week:

And here is the collab kit with Ashalee Wall:

And here is the winner for the kit:

Congrats Yanina!! Please email me at vera(dot)lim(at)veralimdesigns(dot)com for your coupon code :)

And…. here’s the promised gift for you :) , it’s only available for a week, so spread the word! :)

Here are some inspirations using the two kits:

Have a great weekend everyone!!

New collab kit and chance to win it! :)

Hi everyone!!!
Hope you are all doing great and enjoying time with your family and friends :)
It was a sad day yesterday in NZ, with the big earthquake that hit Christchurch :( .. more than 75 casualties and still lots of people trapped in buildings. We as a nation are so grateful for the helps that are coming over from many countries, such as the US, Australia, UK, Singapore, Taiwan and more. Thank you so much for your help!!! You know we really appreciate that!!! And it is so great to see the spirit of Kiwi who’s willing to open up their homes for strangers (those who want to flee from Christchurch). I’m so proud of being a NZ-er!

Anyway, Ashalee Wall and me have teamed up to create this beautiful kit, all about going back to basic, simplifying life and all that… Leave a comment here for a chance to win it :) As usual, double, triple up your chances by fb-ing, tweeting or blogging about it :)

Good luck


Come chat with me tomorrow :)

New kit and winners!! :)

Hi everyone!!! :)
Hope you are having a nice weekend wherever you are!! :)

Soooo… here are the new stuffs for this week:

I also got a new product line of quickpages that will make your pages realistic looking in an instant! I am hoping to make an album with this pretty soon, so tell me if you like these quickpages :)

Some inspirations:

So there you go… have a great day everyone!!

Headband giveaway!! :)

Hi everyone!!
I have just released two of my handmade headbands to my etsy store:

I still have more to come, I already made around 30-40 flowers in the past 2 months hehehe :)

In the mean time, I want to give one headband away, simply leave a comment here for a chance to win it :) I will come back with a winner tomorrow, and you might find the headband in your mail :)

Good luck :)


New kit sneak peek!

Hi Everyone!!!
I have a new sneak peek for you :)

I’m seriously in love with this kit, the papers and elements…. especially the papers, I feel like I have come back to my true self as designer lol….

Btw, as usual, leave a comment, fb, tweet or blog about it and leave more comments… for a chance to win the kit :)


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